Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Insider on Wellesley College

The places we come from don't always expose us to all these amazing colleges that are available for us to apply and attend. When Don first mentioned that we were touring Wellesley College, I was very confused because it was a school I had never heard of. Once we got the task to research one of the schools we were touring, I immediately knew I wanted to learn more about Wellesley.
Wellesley College (Source:
Wellesley College is a private, nonprofit liberal arts college for women, It is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1870 by Henry and Pauline Durant who wanted higher education for women.
Map representing where the students come from (Source:
Wellesley welcomes everyone from around the world; many religions are practiced, many languages are spoken, and many traditions are celebrated. About 2,3000 students enroll and are offered 56 departmental and interdepartmental majors. The average classroom size is 17 to 20 students. Approximately, 81 percent of students graduate within four years. They also have many great internship opportunities, providing over 70 percent of students an opportunity to have an internship. 

Wellesley wants to provide everyone an opportunity to apply to their school, so their application is free on the Common Application. The tuition is about $48,510, in total a student pays about $63,916 including the student activity fee, room, and meal plan. Fortunately, Wellesley tries to help families figure out how to pay for college and awards a lot of financial aid. In the 2013-14 school year they awarded more than $58.9 million dollars in financial aid.

Overall, Wellesley seems like a great school with a lot of diversity. It provides many majors and has a lot of support. This school provides higher education for women that isn't provided all the time elsewhere. I really recommend this school if your major is offered because they will put you first and will help you succeed.

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