Thursday, June 30, 2016

Challenge Day!

Today's schedule was a little different than my other class day because today was challenge day. It was a whole new experience that I really enjoyed. The day started off by getting up and ready by 7:15, to be able to go grab some tick socks. I like to say I looked very stylish with long, knee high socks over my jeans. After that we had a quick breakfast as a group and headed to the bus.

The view.
It was about a 30 minute bus drive there. As we arrived, we learned how to do tick checks, and got a shoes sprayed with tick repellent. Next, it was time for activities in preparation for the actual challenge course. We did many activities that helped us trust one another and a way to learn and work as a group. It made me get super close, and I truly do trust the girls in my class a lot more.

Before starting the actual challenge course, we ate lunch with a beautiful view to the ocean. It was amazing. Just before heading to the actual challenge course we did a little energizer to prepare ourselves for what was coming our way.

In total we did three courses. The first was Whale Watching. This game was about getting on a wooden board and trying to balance it. Christine said our group was very fast to accomplish this task, it really showed that working together was something we could do.

The harmless snake.
Next was Nature Cross, this one was a bit more challenging. It involved having to swing yourself from one platform to the next on a rope carrying a cup full of water. This one was especially hard for me because I was on the smaller, more packed platform and when it was my turn to go on, I needed more space to be able to jump and get on the rope, although I did spill most of the water on myself, I did manage to make it to the other side because of my group, because I was able to trust them to make sure they would get me on the other side safe.

The final course was Island Crossing. This one was probably the hardest because it involved fixing the wood in a way that it would form you a pathway to walk across the platforms. For this challenge, it took us a little longer to get an idea on how to do it, but we managed to do it and get it done. Although this was much more of a challenge, we all learned that we could collaborate and all carry the wood together to help each other out.

On the way back to the meet up place, we were able to see a harmless snake, pretty cool. Then, we had a final tick check, and I was clear, YAY! We headed back to the bus and returned to campus. Krystal and I decided to eat dinner early, and to our advantage, there was no one in line to get in. After finishing dinner, we just returned to the dorms and did some homework.

Today, was a great day because as a class we were able to collaborate with one another, this is great because now we can feel more open with our feelings when it comes to classroom discussions. 

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