Monday, June 27, 2016

The Beginning of the Next Two Weeks

Today, was the first day of class, so I decided to wake up at 7:30 AM to make sure I made it to class on time. Once I realized that I was really early and could get ready super fast, I laid in bed and thought about all the possible outcomes of my first day of class. Once I realized I it was time for me to get ready,  I got out of bed, got ready and ate some breakfast with my floor mates.
The lunch group with two new friends, Sara and Lauren.
To help us find our way to class on the first day, the TA of every class walked with us. Our classroom was hidden, so I would have gotten lost without her help. Once the class started, we first went around the room presenting ourselves and played some ice breakers to get to know each other better. Then we answered questions and gave our opinion on what we want to do in the class. Finally, it was time for our lunch. We decided to try something new and go eat lunch at the V Dub. The food there was delicious, they had such a great variety. 

Once we finished eating, we had time to walk around and do the assignment our teacher gave us; to ask people who their female role model was. We asked about 10 people and most of the responses was their mother because they are great, hardworking women. I really loved that response because I believe the exact same thing about my mom, she's my role model and inspires me to do better of myself all the time.

Once we returned to class, we played a game that showed the economic structure of the United States. The game really made us think and taught us a lot about how the economy works. It showed how the poor tend to stay poor, and the rich tend to stay rich. As a bonus, we were able to eat the starburst we gained in the game. 

Getting some homework done with some new friends.
After class we went to the orientation with the director of the leadership institute, Ms. Kisa. Once that was over we went to get dinner to go at the Ratty. Finally, we ended our night eating dinner and doing homework.

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