Saturday, June 25, 2016

Buxton Brownies

Move in day! It's finally here. The first thing this morning was breakfast with the girls at the Starbucks that is connected to our hotel for a quick breakfast. After my green tea frappuccino I headed up to my room to grab my luggage and we loaded into the car to have some fun before we moved into the dorms. We decided to go to the Roger William Park Zoo before we headed to Brown. We arrived at the zoo and saw some swan boats in a lake. We decided then and there that we had to ride them today. The zoo was  a lot of fun, I saw so many animals that I've never seen before and really got to bond with my cohort one last time before starting our Brown adventure. After seeing everything in the zoo we grabbed the east coast version of Dippin Dots and headed to the boats.

Lynda and I got a boat together and set out on the lake for about a twenty minute ride. The boat ride was very relaxing and we got a lot of great pictures and had a lot of fun. Nearing the end of the ride we got a call saying we needed to hurry to meet our driver. We only had a less than ten minute grace period to get there. Despite our fast paced pedaling at the end, the ride was definitely worth the money. We then headed back to the hotel to retrieve our bags and headed over to Brown for the move in. Of course we called our favorite taxi driver, Rotimi. 

After a little confusion with the street numbers we found the building that we were to meet at for check in. In this building we also received our dorm information, keys, and Brown ID. Lynda and I were the only two of the cohort that ended up in Buxton hall. The first thing we did after getting all our things, is check out our dorms. Lynda is one floor below me and I was placed in a single dorm on the third floor. Besides the room being smaller than a double, I was very relieved that I didn't have to worry about who I'd be rooming with for the next two weeks. After looking at my dorm we went to check out the rest of the cohort's rooms -- we ended up with 3 singles and 3 doubles. We then met back up with Ms. Cruzat and headed to the bookstore to retrieve our Brown merchandise. After a very tough decision process I went with a white Brown windbreaker. I also bought myself a water bottle since I didn't bring one from home.

Walking around the zoo, walking dorm to dorm, and getting lost on campus created a very large craving for food. So of course, we decided to get something to eat on Thayer street. We have all heard from our peers about how good the Korean barbecue is in Providence so we decided on that for our dinner tonight. I ordered chicken barbecue and a taro boba. The food was delicious but I do wish that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Looking at the dishes other tables ordered made me want what they had.

My dorm room.
We headed back to our dorms which I was really excited about. I can finally unpack my luggage and get ready for the next two weeks with a little less chaos. Lynda helped me make my bed after we made hers. We've already met some people in Buxton House and everybody seems very nice. Ariel, who lives in 116A (I'm in 116B) is also from California which is really cool. I even met both the residence director, Nicole, and the residence advisor for my floor, Christine. From what I can tell thus far I know I am going to be making many great friends this trip.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great first day in Providence.