Saturday, June 25, 2016

Are the Brown Bears your Spirit Animal?

I finally got a good, long sleep today for the first time since arriving here in the East, which makes a great start for the day that I'm finally settling in the Brown dorms. We woke up around 10:00 AM and got breakfast at the Starbucks on the bottom level of Biltmore Hotel. I got a Mini Smores Cappuccino with a Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake to begin the morning with something light. We then went into Ms. Cruzat's hotel room to decide on what we'd do today and we decided on Roger Williams Park Zoo, Brown check-in, and the mall to eat dinner and shop. 

Since Roger Williams Park Zoo is too far to walk to, we took a car to get there. We were all very excited to see the animals and exhibits they have. There was also a lake to boat in that we all agreed on going to later on. The zoo had a lot of adorable animals from zebras to red pandas. You can guess that a lot of pretty pictures were taken this day. Some of the highlights of our time at the zoo was touching the goats and taking selfies with them, which was so funny and cute. Their poop looked like beans.

After a few hours of looking at the animals and taking a bunch of pictures, we ate some unfortunately overpriced ice cream then walked to the lake. I rented a Swam Boat with Komal and we navigated the boat using pedals and a steer to go through the water and under a bridge for about twenty minutes. Seeing nature is so beautiful to us, so Providence would be a relaxing place to live. This obviously also made for really pretty pictures and videos for our future vlog. We had to rush to return the boat though since our driver arrived. 
Our cohort returned to the hotel to check out and call up two taxis to get us to our dorms at Brown. We entered the graduate center to check in and get our key, ID and some informational papers. Camila, Komal, Krystal and I got the Olney House, while Lynda and Bailey got the Buxton Hall. I was nervous about arriving in my dorm room but excited at the same time. I tried not to put my expectations too high in case my dorm isn't that good. When I finally got my luggage up, I discovered that I have a roommate named Sara. She hasn't showed up yet, but I'm hoping we'll get along well. 

We didn't end up going to mall today, but we went to the Brown Bookstore to buy Brown outfits. I got a nice thin grey and white jacket which a lot of us ended up getting. It's not too hot and I really like the material. I also got a red shirt that reads "Brown Mom" for my mom, of course, and a Brown water bottle to survive the hot days here. Dehydration is something I don't want to experience.
Brown Bookstore
Today for dinner, we decided on getting Korean BBQ in Thayer Street. I got a Chicken BBQ with rice and a Mango Boba, which tasted really good and I actually almost finished this meal, which I usually can't do. I guess it's because I miss eating rice everyday at home. It was also my first time trying a Korean restaurant and I have to say that their food is delicious. This trip is so full of firsts and I'm experiencing so many things in such a small amount of time. It's crazy and fun at the same time.
We finally really settled into our dorms after. Unpacking was kind of a pain but I'm glad that I won't have to rummage through my bags like crazy anymore like I did in the hotels. It's comfortable in here and so far I've met my RA, who was really welcoming and cool. Not everyone in my hall has checked in yet, but I'm looking forward to meeting them and more people. I'm sure I will tomorrow at Orientation!
My dorm room

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