Monday, June 27, 2016

Feminists and Fries

Today it was finally the first day of class, after a very uneventful morning and breakfast I headed outside to meet my RA Christine who was taking us to our Women and Leadership course this morning. We walked over to the CIT building with everybody who is taking the Women and Leadership course, headed upstairs, and I took a seat in the front row.

Our teacher Tina introduced her self along with my RA who is also the class TA, Christine. Then we went around the room introducing ourselves and answering questions relating to why we are interested in the course and also sharing some of our guilty pleasures. This was a very fun experience as I got to meet many people who I haven't had the chance to meet before and learn more about everybody in the class. After an icebreaker we got into pairs and did a gallery walk looking at various photos and sharing our opinions with each other about them. After the gallery walk we got into a larger group and discussed what we saw and how we felt about each picture. It was really interesting hearing everybody's view points and I even changed my view after hearing another girl's perspective and interpretation of one of the pictures.
ILC brownies and our new classmates.

Before I knew it two and a half hours went by and it was time for lunch. We decided to eat at Verney Wooley Hall for lunch to see the difference between "V-Dub" and the Ratty. I actually really enjoyed this dining hall better, it seemed much more updated and I enjoyed this food more. I got some fries and a burger which really excited me. Sadly, the V-Dub is very far from my dorm and I have much easier access to the Ratty, so I most likely won't get to go to this dining hall often. After our lunch we headed back to our second half of the class.

First time visiting the V-Dub.
When we got there tables were arranged into three groups and we began playing this pretty confusing as well as educational game. To easily break down this very complicated game, we all received random envelopes of starbursts and each color represented some point value. Eventually people move class to class and trade starburst to try to get more points. In the end we got an explanation of the game and it was interpreted as representing our society and economy based on class. We saw many patterns in this game such as people only trading with those that are in their class and randomness of what you were given. Such as the randomness of where and what you were born in to. It was a really interesting activity that got both our math and critical thinking skills flowing. Once again time flew by quickly and class was over, we then headed over to the Leadership Institute presentation led by the director. The presentation covered many topics concerning what we will and hope to get out of the Leadership Institute and also gave us information on what our next two weeks look like.

We were given quite a bit of work today so after the presentation Lynda and I got dinner to go and headed over to the Buxton Lounge to finish everything up. Overall, today was a great introduction to Brown and the Women and Leadership course.

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