Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Presenting My Leadership Field

Every time I walk the campus I do usually see the typical Hogwarts styled buildings everyone seems to claim to see, but evidentially it is true. They are almost everywhere.

Lately I have been very exhausted and I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. I now really do understand why college students cherish every second of sleep they can get on weekdays. 

Anyways I got ready and headed to the Ratty. Just as I was coming out the door a girl on my same floor who is from India came up to me and asked if I could open the door for her from the Olney's House because she had forgotten her keys in her room and so I did. She was extremely grateful and kept thanking me for it which was so kind. 

Then I ate breakfast and sat down at the same table with Tyler, a boy from Ohio and Alameda who is also Komal's roommate and she is from New York City. Then we made our way to today's listening at Solomon Hall, located in the Main Green at 9 AM so I made my way there and got there a couple of minutes before the designated time. 

Our listening was lectured by Kisa Takesue who is the director of the Leadership Programs. Our workshop was about learning and developing effective listening skills. This workshop was designed to help us learn the importance of of listening, communication, and how different factors play a huge role in it such as; body posture and speech phrases that we use. I learned a few skills that can help in the future when I communicate with others either if I am a leader or not it can always just help to give that great first impression.

Standing in the front is Kisa Takesue  and sitting in the chairs are two leadership institute students.
After our 2 hour workshop we were dismissed for lunch. Once again the V-dub was our choice of dining hall once again and I know I had mentioned it so much but honestly it is way better than the Ratty so for any future ILCERS reading this definitely try this dining hall, I actually joined Bailey and Lynda for today's lunch which was pretty great. One exciting thing I made and ate today were waffles. That is one plus, the V-dub has a waffle maker where all students are able to create their own waffles and they are great. Then after w walked up Thayer Street where our classroom building is located at 1 PM.

Today in class we had a 45 minute discussion to brainstorm our possible Action Plan topics. This is an assignment that we will all need to complete and present at the end of the course and some ideas I contributed were; Teen Homicide Crimes/ Teen Community Building organizations. Then we all to the underground campus center to participate in a Networking Session and this basically means that we talked to women that work at Brown and have leadership positions. 

At the beginning of the activity I felt a little intimidating and shy that these women were going to speak very formally and I wasn't going to be interesting to them. I came to conclusion at the end of the session that although in fact these women had powerful positions they were still very kind and caring which was the complete opposite than what I had expected at the start but I have to admit that they are all extraordinary women became successful in many different ways. That links in perfectly with the students different backgrounds and it was just so amazing getting to exchange a few words with them.

Camila and Aimee.
Our schedule was quite different today and we had a 30 minute break after 3 PM and then we had to attend our Leadership Styles Workshop. In the workshop we had a series of activities. Now I am going to admit that activities are just great at workshops or at any time at all. In these activities we started class with creating disagreements without the debate aggressiveness but rather backing up our decisions with explanations.

In the workshop we learned about each other's different styles of leadership. I was considered "West" which mans that I am more practical, logical, I always use data, and weigh all sides of an issue, and balance things out at all times. Everyone in my style of leadership had many similarities as me such as we all were unexpectedly following the guidelines at all times when we had to come up with a skit to present at the workshop to describe our style of leadership.

After 5:30 PM we were released from our workshops and then I walked to the bookstore to purchase a couple of supplies for my Leadership map assignment which will be collage. Since I was already by the V-dub I decided to go there for dinner and got my food to-go since I have a lot to do. I actually joined Bailey and Lynda at Buxton's lounge which is way bigger than Olney's lounge.

 At 7:30 PM Camila, Lynda, and I met Ms. Cruzat at the campus center to catch up and just talk for a while. It was nice taking a little break from my assigned readings. Then I walked over to Starbucks with Lynda to get ourselves drinks and we headed back to our dorms.

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