Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Second Time's the Charm

I truly cannot wait for my trip with my cohort. Today the Brown cohort was lucky enough to attend a second meet and greet with our new chaperone, Ms. Cruzat. I arrived at Tina's Place at 5 PM where a majority of my cohort was waiting. Soon after my arrival we walked inside and got seated. This wasn't our first time meeting Ms. Cruzat but it was the first time we all got to talk closely and as a group with our new chaperone. I felt nothing but excitement for this event, as I've already begun to feel comfortable with my cohort.

When we were seated we were handed menus with an endless amount of options to choose from, making the decision very tough. We snacked on some bread as we went over our menus. In the end I went with a turkey sandwich and french fries, delicious. As usual, I finished my meal with no problem at all. I really loved the atmosphere in this restaurant, our seating also allowed for great conversation and bonding with the group. We discussed a lot at the table and got to know each other very well. Our discussion included topics ranging from what's going on at our individual schools, to our plans for the future. I'm a very shy person and I definitely opened up more than normal today.

After eating we went to Fernandez Park which is very close in proximity with Tina's Place. We went into the field, snapped a few pictures, and played a game that Ms. Cruzat had planned for us. The game was easy at first but became harder as we progressed. Our mistakes although, are what made the game fun. We had a great time playing this and I think the game really brought us closer. After looking at a few pictures Ms. Cruzat took of us playing we laughed a lot and headed back over to Tina's to wait for our rides.
ILC Brownies and Ms. Cruzat's son Tyler.
In the end, I'm very happy we got to meet up one last time. Our trip is getting closer and I can honestly say I will be very comfortable traveling with my cohort. I'm very excited to get closer with everyone as time progresses.

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