Monday, June 6, 2016

A Realization Accompanied with the Celebration of Don

This very day I realized that in two weeks, I will be boarding a plane from San Francisco to Boston. Until today's orientation, the whole trip seemed ages away, but now its just around the corner. 

The orientation began with a few unexpected problems. The gym, the location of the event, was locked so Don had to run around the campus of the Pinole Middle School to find a custodian. Soon, Don was able to unlock the gym and set up for the orientation. 

First, the chaperones introduced themselves and attempted to persuade the parents that their children will be in safe hands in the East Coast. All the chaperones seemed very experienced and excited. 
Our lovely chaperones of the five 2017 ILC cohorts. Here they are trying to persuade the parents of the ILCers that their children are in safe hands. 
My incredibly sweet chaperone, Mrs. Cruzat.
Featuring the magnificent Don and his camera.
Then all the five cohorts separated into small groups. We "Brownies" went over the rough draft of the itinerary. We found out about traveling dates and asked questions about loaner items and things we would need back East. Having been a part of the Brown cohort last summer, I was able to answer a few of the parents' questions. 

Soon all the groups came back together and Don discussed the loaner items he can loan to the ILCers for their trip. Some filled out loaner-items request forms and got their necessary documents scanned, while others checked out the items Don had displayed as examples of things he could loan. Soon after, the event came to an end.
Aimee checking out the loaner items. 
A cluster of ILers and their parents after the event. 
Once I saw Don catch a breath of relief after helping several people with their questions and concerns, I asked Don if we could fulfill a must-do ritual of the orientation. For years, Hercules ILCers have been wearing Aloha shirts to the orientation to celebrate Don who works tremendously hard for the ILC.  I will never be able to understand how Don has his unbelievable amount of energy to do so much for the ILC and the community. I am always struck with awe. 

Of course Jahnvi, Ernestina, Ryan, and I had to follow the tradition this year. While showcasing our shirts and admiration for Don, we held a photoshoot with him. 
2016  Hercules ILCers continuing the tradition of celebrating Don. 
I am very thrilled for the summer! In two weeks I will be flying to the East Coast and living the journey I have been waiting for since the past months. Thank you to every single person who has made this possible and thank you to my readers who continue to support me in my journey!

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