Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Fond Farewell to Home

What a hectic couple of days it's been! Despite the conflict with this program, I was still able to squeeze in some time at a camp hosted by my neighborhood's church. I've attended the camp just about every year since I was in elementary school, and now I work as a counselor who oversees the campers and activities. The attachment I have with the people there and the place itself that I have known for years is very strong: I absolutely adore how fun and lovely everyone is. It was sad to say goodbye to the children I cared after and the other counselors I bonded with, seeing as most of them attend completely different schools and this program is the only time I ever get to see them. Alas, Brown is calling my name and I simply must respond.

Even if I am somewhat of a wreck.

Although I deeply enjoy having a periodic sense of newness in my life, it can be intimidating at times, especially when the change is of a greater magnitude such as Ivy League Connection. Rationally, I know I will enjoy myself, but familiarity is most often associated with safety, so I am becoming nervous with the thought of leaving what is known.

It doesn't help that my family and I thought my passport and medical card had been stolen. We spent hours tearing the house apart over and over again, completely baffled by the fact that what I had remembered storing in my bag seemed to have evaporated. We went as far as looking through the recycling bin outside, even dumping some of its contents into a pile to dig into! Eventually, I discovered that my passport and medical card were, in fact, where I left them. The problem had been that neither of us had noticed the covert placement of the pocket when we rummaged through my personal item.

There also seems to be some last-minute changes with our program. Our original instructor for Women and Leadership has been replaced by another well-qualified candidate. Upon seeing her credentials, I immediately became excited about all the things we will be able to discuss together. More details are sure to come!

Well, I suppose that is what's left for tonight. I am certain there will be plenty to follow on the blogs over the next three weeks. Goodnight and good luck (to us)!

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