Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The South

Krystal and I made some nacho fries
that didn't turn out too bad.
Today was a really eventful and fun day. It started off with breakfast at The Ratty and meeting my class at a different spot than the normal classroom. We attended a listening workshop this morning instead of class. The workshop gave us a few techniques to use in any instance where you should be listening to another person or people. At the workshop we practiced the techniques with our peers. All that we learned in this workshop would become useful later in the day for our networking session with some of the women that work at brown. Next on the agenda was lunch. Lynda, Krystal, and I headed over to the V-Dub once again for lunch today. We made waffles in the waffle maker and put ice cream on top, it was delicious.

We then went to class for about 45 minutes before our next activity. In class we just discussed future assignments and got any questions we had answered. After this short session we headed to the Student Service building for our networking session. On my walk over I was very nervous, I knew I had to be the one to initiate conversation today and this was a great step out of my comfort zone. I am very shy so starting and keeping a conversation with people can be tough when I don't know them yet. When we got into the networking session there was a group women who all looked very nice. As I walked in I just reminded myself of everything I learned in the workshop earlier. The session started and I began going up to each table and talking with Lynda. Eventually, I got comfortable and went off by myself to talk to people. I learned a lot and really expanded my comfort zone instead of just stepping out temporarily. I got a couple of their business cards and before I knew it was time to break again.

Komal in the workshop today.
For our 30 minute break Lynda and I did a quick run to CVS and then headed back to attend the leadership workshop. This workshop was very interesting. It explained the different types of leaders by using the NSEW leadership styles. The north leader is said to be an assertive, active, and decisive leader. The south is a team player and value driven leader.  The east is a visionary and idea oriented leader. Lastly, the west is seen as a practical, dependable, and logical leader. After analyzing each leader's characteristics I came to the conclusion that I mostly fit the south leadership style. In the workshop we played a quick game, analyzed each leadership style through a discussion, and created skits that represent each leadership style. The workshop was really fun and I noticed myself speaking more than usual in it.
The posters hung around the room in the workshop.

I was exhausted by the end of the day as I stayed up pretty late finishing last night's homework. So I grabbed my dinner to go today and headed straight to the dorms to get some work done to head to bed early.

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