Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here in Boston!

At 1:45 AM, five minutes before my alarm rang, I woke up, paranoid about missing my flight. Quite strangely, I didn't feel a single strain of sleep or fatigue even though the night before I wasn't able to fall asleep until late due to excitement and anxiety. After the moment of awe, I rushed to get dressed and hurry my parents out of their bed. After placing my luggage in the car, my parents and I rushed to El Cerrito High School in anxiety of getting late. 

To my relief, we were on time. My mom and I walked into a cluster of ILCers. Besides us Brownies, the Cornell cohort was also departing. Don was checking the weight of each ILCer's luggage, handing out name tags for suitcases and backpacks, and supplying to other needs. Once all this was completed, Don gave a prep talk. One of the key things he emphasized was to have fun, the best part of his spiel. After a small photo shoot, the shuttle arrived. We loaded our luggage, said goodbyes, and departed.
The ride to the San Francisco airport was shorter than I expected. At our terminal we checked in our bags and went through security. Fortunately, I was TSA pre-checked so I didn’t have to go through the hassle of standing in a long line and going through a long security procedure.

Along the way to our boarding gate, we stopped by Peet’s Coffee to grab some caffeine. I ordered a small iced coconut crème latte and a toasted butter croissant. The coffee was stronger than I expected, but quite delicious. After getting our drinks, we boarded the plane.

Most of our seats were in proximity with one another. It was awesome that Bailey and I had seats right next to each other. Sadly, I had an aisle seat. After a bit of hesitancy, I asked the lady who had the window seat if she would mind switching with me. She gladly switched and later switched with another lady to sit with her children. 

After a while, the plane departed. I took a bazillion pictures of the scenery and landscape, of course. Although Bailey and I really wanted to talk to the lady sitting next to us, she remained busy working and readying documents, so we decided not to disturb us. After editing my pictures and writing about my day so far, I took a small nap. 

Faster than I expected, we arrived in Boston. The weather was cloudy and warm. We took a shuttle to the car rental area. After a long wait, we got the car. Unfortunately, when we opened the trunk, we realized that we couldn't fit all of our luggage. The car rental company didn't switch our car with another car so we had to squeeze in all the luggage and ourselves. 

After dropping our luggage in our hotel rooms, we ventured to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I ordered a macaroni and cheese burger, which was absolutely delicious! Since I had odd portions of food throughout the day, having a big dinner made me feel a bit queasy. During the dinner, we all decided to try something new: vlogging! I hope this new idea becomes a success and you are able to see our journey, not just visualize it. 

So far, everything has been great. Boston is a beautiful city. We all fell in love with its antique buildings and European setting. My cohort has decided to check out some of the popular tourist destinations after touring Wellesley College tomorrow. I can't wait!  

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