Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Great Brown Alumni Takeover

Once my mother and I arrived at BART, I immediately introduced myself to our new chaperone, Ms. Cruzat, a pre-calculus and geometry teacher at Hercules High School. She was really nice and I knew that she would be the perfect chaperone on the trip. I was then able to introduce myself to the previous ILCers: Crystal, Cynthia, Izabel, and Thao.

Don then arrived and we all introduced ourselves. We then got our BART tickets and off we went to Town Hall. Since we got the Fremont train and had to transfer. On the first BART train I had the opportunity to talk to Izabel and on the second train I had the opportunity to talk to Cynthia. It was great being able converse with someone who has had the Ivy League experience. As they explained their experiences and gave great advice, it made me feel comfortable and excited to leave soon.
Don setting up

We arrived to San Francisco and walked a couple blocks to arrive at Town Hall. When we got upstairs we were able to get some drinks and mingle. All the ILC girls and the ILC alumni gathered around a table and had a joyful conversation as Don went inside and set up the name cards. The little hall where we were waiting was getting crowded so Don said it was time to go in and sit down.

I had the opportunity to sit with Thao, a current senior at Hercules High School, Todd Groves, part of the WCCUSD School Board, Donna Chung, Brown Alumni Class of 2012, and Gloria Chavez, my mother. I had the chance to introduce myself to my table as Madeline Kronenberg started off the night with a great speech. Everyone in the room was able to present themselves, Komal and Crystal gave great speeches on Brown and then we had the opportunity to eat our salads and order our food. We had the option of ribs and chicken, I went for the chicken because I am a very messy rib eater. I made a great choice because it was delicious.
Chicken with jambalaya.
As the whole table conversed, we were able to share our opinions on education. Donna Chung is currently a fourth grade teacher in East Palo Alto, and she shared her teaching ways. She explained that she enjoys teaching math because, she likes teaching the way to everything. She stated that most people are just put into their head a process and everyone believes it. I wish I could have had a teacher like her that would have explained the why to most things. She also explained to me how great her Brown experience was and how the environment over there is different to the one here. Donna and Todd were also able to recommend some really good food places, and said the best food out there was Greek and Seafood. Thao and I were also able to explain our feelings about the SBAC Test to Todd, and he recommended that the school board representatives should take it too.
Delicious cheesecake.
As our delicious dessert arrived Don closed the night off. Then it was time for our ILC Alumni picture. I said good-bye to Todd and Donna and thanked them for making the dinner great. When we walked out the restaurant and I had the opportunity to talk to Kiana Ward, a Brown alumni class of 2013. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and it was nice getting to see her again.

We walked back to BART, and rode home, Don gave each of us a student handbook. We finally ended the night with a great selfie.
A great selfie with great people.

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