Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Realization

After having a quick breakfast, as usual, I went to class. Today's class went a little different in a lot of good ways. The whole class period we had a group discussion, and it really made us think about stuff most of us have never thought about, it was a whole new experience. I love my class because I am able to say my feelings without being judged, it’s a truly safe space.

An activity during the Diversity Workshop.
We then had a group lunch, and it was nice being able to interact with different people that I hadn't gotten the chance to talk to before. I felt like we had a closer bond. Also, since there's a lot of people from The Bay Area, we were able to spend time talking about places to eat and visit that we really enjoyed, it made me feel a little closer to home.

After lunch, we continued the class with a deep discussion. It really just made me think of all these different perspectives I had never thought about, and it really made me feel comfortable in my own skin.

Walking in the rain.
After class, we had a quick Starbucks run, and then went to our Diversity Workshop. I personally really enjoyed the activities we did in the workshop because it really showed me that I have a lot of characteristics in common with people that I never thought I would have. An activity in particular that showed me I was less privileged than other people, personally, made me really think. I came to a realization that topics like this don't make me sad or upset for many reasons. The first reason, is my parents did so much to be where we are right now, they've worked so hard, so I really thank them for that. They wanted to better my life, so it encourages me to work harder to one day be able to become more privileged and be able to give back to people who are like me. It also gives me motivation to keep moving forward so one day when my kids can be privileged as well. After the long thought process, we ended the Diversity Workshop with a fun little game.

Just to my luck on my way to dinner it was raining really hard. Yet, I got to the dining hall, got my dinner to go, and ended my night doing some homework.

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