Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Ways of Listening

After doing the usual: waking up, getting ready, and eating breakfast, class went a little differently. Instead of having our morning class, we had a listening workshop run by Ms. Kisa. The workshop was really interesting and had us all interacting. It really made me realize that, unintentionally, I am not focused on the conversation as much as I should be.

Looks can sometimes be deceiving.
After that was over, just like yesterday, we went to get lunch at the V Dub. Bailey, Krystal, and I were very happy because they had guacamole, sour cream, cheese, fries, and beans, so we had the brilliant idea of making a fry nacho snack. It looked really good, and it would have been pretty good if the guacamole would have tasted better. Other than that, the burger and beans were really good, and I enjoyed them.

Part of our skit in the NSEW workshop.
After lunch we headed back to class and discussed simple classwork and clarified any questions we had for 45 minutes. After that was done, it was time to do some networking. I was able to talk to so many people that really did inspire me. A person in particular who really inspired me was Hemly Ordonez, the vice president of digital strategy and mobilization at Fission Strategy. She really inspired me because she pursued a career in the STEM Field, which is a field I am really interested in. I was able to ask her how she felt being in classes were she was a minority, she stated it was hard at times because sometimes she'd be the only girl in the class, she stated the way she got through it was by having a support from other people, by having a way to explain her feelings to others. This really inspired me because it made me realize there is and always will be struggles, but knowing that people are by your side will help me get through it.

Once networking was over, we had a NSEW workshop. This workshop explained leadership, and it really made us think what kind of leaders we were as individuals. We did many activities in the workshop, from just explaining our points of view, to actual skits, it was really fun and I really enjoyed it.

After the workshop was over, we went to the V Dub and got dinner to go, I just grabbed some pasta and ice cream. I then came back to my dorm and continued my homework to get done early.

after a couple of hours, Krystal and I then decided to go get some Starbucks, and now I'm ending my day in my dorm hanging out with some new friends.

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