Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cute! Wow! Whoa! Yikes!

Do not be fooled by the picture, I was terrified to be near the goat.
The last time I went to a zoo was years ago, perhaps when I was in elementary school. Well, today was the day to revisit those memories. Since check-in at Brown was starting at 1:00 PM, we decided to go site-seeing at the famous Roger Williams Park. 

At the park, we saw so many animals and birds! In the beautiful sunny weather we roamed the zoo taking hundreds of pictures and constantly saying "aww" and "cute." 
Brown birdies?
I wish I could go swimming. 
Entranced by the seals.
There were no real elephants, so we decided to pose with this one.
Is the one standing on one leg sleeping?
Something I realized in the park was that I was more focused on taking pictures than enjoying the nature. Like me, there were others doing the same thing. I remember the parts of the zoo a lot more vividly when I couldn't take any pictures since I forgot my camera's memory card in my laptop and my phone's battery died. 

After touring the entire zoo, we headed out to a close by lake where we decided to ride on swan boats. Since each boat had two seats, Aimee and I rode together. The ride was so fun! 

After the site-seeing, it was time to check into Brown. We arrived at Brown around 3 PM and checked into our dorms. All of us, besides Bailey and Lynda, are in the Olney House. I love my room! It's spacious and isn't crowded with too much furniture. My roommate isn't here yet, perhaps she will be checking in tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her! 
Finally settled in!
The next stop was the Brown bookstore to get our ILC souvenirs. After being perplexed between several options, I finally chose something I liked. Tomorrow you will be able to see all of us Brown ILCers wearing our souvenirs in a group photo.
Goodies from the Brown book store.
With tummies grumbling, we went out for dinner. The place voted on was the famous Korean barbeque restaurant on Thayer Street. I ordered a vegetarian Japjai with tofu and a honeydew boba tea. The meal was amazing! 

Tired of the day, we returned to our new homes. While exploring the building, I met a leader fellow named Kevin, who helped me find my dorm after I got lost in the building. He was very friendly! I also met Ishaani, a student from India who is rooming on the same floor as Krystal and I and will be participating in the Women and Leadership summer program. Later on, my leader fellow, Leshan, a rising sophomore at Brown, came to my room to introduce himself. I can't wait to talk to him about Brown! 

Krystal, Aimee, and Camila came over to my room to work on blogs and room descriptions. We vlogged about our day as well. Near the end of the program, we will (hopefully) be releasing a film about our whole ILC journey at Brown. Stay tuned! 
Get well soon, Don! Also, we are excited to finally be in Brown and make our 2016 ILC at Brown film.

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  1. I got goose bumps reading your blog, Komal. You all seem to be having such a good time.