Friday, June 24, 2016

Goodbye Boston, Hello Providence

Back Bay Station
Today was our last morning in Boston and our agenda required for us to wake up really early, 5 AM. My alarm went off and I snoozed it, 10 minutes were added to the alarm. When it rang again at 5:10 AM, I forced my eyes open, wishing that I could get more sleep. I woke up Lynda and Aimee. I am so used to doing this as a routine although it has barely been our third day here in the East. We all got ready, we also made sure to put our belongings back our the bags, and we met at the lobby around 6 AM with Ms. Cruzat and the rst of the cohort. We then returned our rental car at a garage parking and headed downstairs to the Back Bay MBTA Station where we would catch AMTRAK to Providence.

We arrived a couple of minutes earlier so our train wasn't displayed on the screen. This would be my first time riding on AMTRAK so I was overly excited. Komal told me it was similar to BART but rather there was more space and it was comfy, and it is actually true. As we waited for our train, we took advantage of the time to devour a good breakfast to fuel our bodies for a very busy day. Once again Dunkin Donuts came to the rescue and became our savior. Seriously there is almost one at every corner of Boston.

Finally soon after eating, it was time to head down to our track and wait for our train departure time, 8:21 AM. I have to say we have been very great with our time management and being on time. Our train arrive shortly and we climbed aboard. It was our last memory of Boston and we were then on our way to Providence, Rhode Island. 

In the train cart we were allowed to sit where we wanted and we stayed together as a group. We rode on the coach class cart and we were told it was a noise free zone, we couldn't talk or have our electronic devices volumes on. Although it seems strict and odd it was pretty peaceful, and the ride went by very fast. Honestly I am looking forward into convincing my family into traveling on AMTRAK back at home. In just thirty minutes we were in another state, we were in Rhode Island at last.

Once we arrived in Providence we made our way to the street and catched two taxis to our hotel. Our driver was very nice, he gave us a welcoming greet, and gave us his business card to call him whenever we need a taxi. 

Then we arrived at our hotel and it was quite too early to check in so we left our luggage there and we decided to walk up college hill. I always heard the complains of the students and their struggle to make their way up the hill and I never knew what they meant until today when I experienced it myself for the very first time. I was half way up and I could barely catch my breath but I pulled it through and made I to the top. 

We had time to spare so we lingered around college hill just outside of Brown to explore the shops around. Then we had lunch and killed time at the Library of Sciences.

At 1:30 PM we headed to the Stephen Robert building for our informational session and tour. They were leaded by two students from Brown; David and Aiden. Many unknown information of Brown's curriculum was given on how student's have liberal studies, and how the school itself encourages students to take different classes out of the norm without feeling that if they fail it would end up on their transcript. They briefly discussed study abroad, research, and etc. I really flt like I had been delivered the whole true insight of Brown. The admissions counselor gave us a really good brief information of the admission process at Brown and how students are chosen to be admitted. She really made us feel way better and was thoughtful enough to make us feel confident that we would go to great schools even if it wasn't any of our top choices.

All of these schools are so great and have opened my mind and I have grown interest in applying to these schools outside of California because in fact they provide way more great opportunities that I would've never known if it weren't for the ILC Program.

After the tour we headed back to the Stephen Robert building and waited for the other ILCERS to meet up with us there after their tour. We all met eventually and we were exhausted so we walked back down to our hotel, which is the Bilmore hotel here in Providence, which is right next to City Hall and a few blocks away Financial District is located. 

We relaxed for a couple of hours in our rooms and we all met up at 7 PM in the lobby for dinner. We walked to a nearby restaurant; Luxe Burger Bar. After our bellies were full and satisfied we walked back to our hotel where we are now resting for tomorrow

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