Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bringing the Thunder

The classroom arrangement today.
Today I woke up and headed over to the Ratty. I quickly grabbed a banana and peach for breakfast since I decided to sleep in this morning so I could be wide awake in class. I ate my fruit and drank some juice on the way to class and made it right on time to get a good seat. The desks were arranged in a circle and I sat with a seat open for anybody I haven't yet met to sit with me. Soon class started and a girl named Fern sat with me and we had a great conversation about the topics discussed during class. Later the teacher moved us so we could get to meet someone new and I sat next to Sara, and after lunch we changed seats again and I sat next to Michaela. It was really nice not sitting next to the people I already knew and getting to know and hear new opinions from new people. In class we mostly discussed gender norms and the stereotypical definitions of gender. This was such an interesting topic because it made us all question the definitions man and woman gender wise. Hearing the different views and opinions was very interesting and honestly I think the class ended with many of us still questioning the construction of gender.

We then all headed over to lunch, today Tina decided our class would all have lunch together. This was very fun and provided the opportunity for us to discuss our action plans, what we talked about in class, and to overall familiarize ourselves with one another. Lunch was also fun because we discovered a whole new side to the Ratty that we have not been yet. I got a hot dog and fries which might not sound exciting, but it was much better than the other lunches served at the Ratty.

After lunch we all went back to class and got into pairs to share our thoughts on some of the topics we discussed earlier. After this we shared them back to the group. I'm slowly getting more familiar with everyone and sharing with the class is becoming much easier. Tina also gave us the information about tomorrow's challenge course that we will be taking part in. We then had a 30 minute break before our diversity workshop so I headed over to Starbucks with the girls.

The class playing "Honey I Love You" to lighten the mood.
Walking into the diversity workshop was very nerve-racking as we were told that it might get pretty emotional. I took a seat and soon enough we started laying out our ground rules for the workshop, discussed the different types of privilege, and then they told us what we should gain after coming out of the workshop. We were then handed worksheets and separated into groups of three to finish the worksheets and discuss them. The worksheet basically asked us questions that would help to describe our intersecting identities. This activity made me realize how much privilege I really do have. Although in many ways I am inferior to others it taught me to acknowledge my many privileges. It was really eye opening and discussing it with two people from really different backgrounds was nice as well. After this we played a game that asked us to step in a circle if we related to the following questions. It was a silent game so all you knew was who also related but never got the background stories behind it. In our discussion about the game I explained how comforted I felt to know that people have dealt with and understood the same things as me. There was not one time where I stepped into the circle and was alone. In the middle of the game we noticed the sound of thunder. Soon enough it was pouring rain. Luckily, I put my umbrella in my backpack this morning because I was not suited for this rain whatsoever. The first game got pretty serious and took an emotional toll on some so we played another game to the end the day in a lighter mood. The workshop was over and I took out my umbrella to head out to get dinner with Krystal and Lynda.

The rain from the classroom window.
Working with Krystal in the lounge.

Like yesterday, I grabbed dinner to go at The Ratty. I have a lot of work to do tonight including, an essay on the social construction of gender due tomorrow. I headed to a lounge that I've never been to before tonight with Krystal to get everything done. This new discovery is actually great, it's a much brighter and more comfy lounge than the one in my residence hall. 

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