Monday, June 6, 2016

The East is Calling Our Names and We Are Flying Out in A Matter of Days!

Woo hoo! I can finally announce that I am done with finals but just as I thought my day was going good it got even better.

Today was orientation day, it was held at Pinole Middle School. All ILCERS had to show up with a parent and once again my mother attended this important event with me. This was a very informational orientation to finalize dates, tours, airline flights, questions were answered, and any concern you can think of when it comes to traveling was being covered. Parents were being informed of what was happening and what was going to happen in the next few weeks, so they wouldn't feel so lost of what is happening.
The '16 ILC Chaperones.
 Left to Right: Maricris Cruzat, Alana Scott,
Alexis Thomas, Mike Myrga, and John Hilyer

Everything is just getting so real, so fast.

The opening of this orientation started with the introduction the chaperones of each cohort. They were basically "convincing our parents on how good they will take care of us while we are back East" as Don says. Our chaperone, Ms. Cruzat spoke out, even though she felt a little nervous about speaking publicly. I must say she has the kindest soul ever and I am sure she will help us make the greatest experience of this trip despite of the budget cuts. I believe all the chaperones did a great job in reassuring our parents that we will be very safe well taken care of, while we aren't home and all across the country.
Ms. Cruzat speaking out to the ILC Cohorts.
Our chaperones were then asked to come back to our groups and distribute flyers, the first thing that caught my eye was the word "DEPARTURE" on that colorful paper. Next to it the date of our departure, June 22 at 6:00 AM. Our flight will be from San Francisco to Boston. On June 23, we will be touring Wellesley College in Massachusetts and the next day we will be at Brown University. A packet of last year's ILC Brown Cohort housing experience was handed out where they describe what to expect in the dorms, bathrooms, halls, etc.

Ms. Cruzat will be traveling to the East for the very first time like many of us so I understand the extreme pressure and nervousness that she must feel. Just imagine taking care of 6 girls for 2 weeks, who have extremely worrying parents across the United States. It must be a big deal, but definitely it will be so much fun to explore a new culture, and learn new things from others.
Don speaking out and the luggage in the back.
Don really informed all of our parents about every single thing, a lot of things which we had probably not mentioned to them yet. The last details of loaner items was discussed. It's really now or never to claim the items we will need to be borrowing for this trip. That is why I have been asking millions of questions and reading last year's blogs to determine what I will be needing, from clothing to tools, just everything.
Everyone hears Don speak.

Lynda and Bailey getting their ID and
medical cards scanned by Don.

Just about a month ago I was getting anxious for all these important days to come up, but now I can say that time is running out and departure day is so close. It is only in a matter of a little over 2 weeks in which we will be waking up at 3/4 AM just to meet up at El Cerrito High School to board on that plane. The butterflies and day dreaming is just coming together and it won't go away until I get off that plane.
Our Big Brown Family Portrait.

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