Friday, June 24, 2016

Brown Feels So Real Now

If I thought waking up yesterday was early, today I had to wake up at 5 AM to be able to return the rental car and catch the Amtrak to Providence, Rhode Island on time. Just like yesterday, we had Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and then caught the Amtrak to Providence at 8:21 AM. We arrived at the Providence Amtrak Station at around 8:50 AM. We had to get two taxis to be able to all fit including our luggage. We were able to ride with Rotimi, he was very funny and friendly, it really made me feel welcome in Providence.

We arrived to the hotel but we weren't able to check in, so we left our luggage and explored the city. We ate our brunch at Chipotle and bought some items we were missing at CVS. After that was done, we went to the Library of Sciences and just worked on my blog a bit and then took a nap. The time went by really fast on those comfortable couches and soon it was time for the information session.

At first, I wasn't very excited about touring and taking an information session at Brown because I thought I would get to know it myself during the next two weeks. I was wrong, the information session and tour were very helpful and they made me feel very prepared for the next two weeks. They helped me figure out that Brown is one of my top schools now.

David and Aiden, rising sophomores at Brown, spoke at the information session.They talked about everything you would experience at Brown and all the amazing features Brown has to offer. Something that caught my eye was the "Shopping Session," this is because you have two weeks to sign up to as many classes as you want just to explore and narrow it down to the classes you would actually enjoy taking over the semester. This is free of charge and the classes you drop will not show up on your transcript. I think this is a great way to keep the students interested in school because they have time to experience the class to see if they like it, and that is something that really interested me. 
With our tour guide Max.

Once we learned a lot of valuable information that made me fall in love with the school, it was time for the tour. Our tour guide was Max, a rising senior. He was honestly the best guide I could ask for, he was honest and sincere. He also really explained the campus and the "Brown Bucket List" and it made me really want to be able to attend the school because I wanna try them some day. 

When the tour arrived at the Library of Sciences, I really knew I fit into the school because Max said it was one of the best buildings to nap in, and that's something I had done earlier in the day! Once the tour was over we were able to ask one-on-one questions to Max, that we weren't able to ask on the tour.

Luxe Burger Menu.
Our day at Brown then came to an end, so we walked back to the hotel to check in, and went to go eat at Luxe Burger. The milkshakes, burgers, and fries I got were really good. Also since Aimee's birthday is on Sunday, we celebrated her birthday with an early gift, Creme Brulee.

Our milkshakes
We walked back to our hotel and we were finally able to sleep and relax after a long day. 

Today I learned that Brown is one of my top schools to attend. They are so unique compared to other schools and it all just interested me. Maybe one day I'll be giving tours and talking about my experience at Brown too. 

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