Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Reality Of Wellesley and The Quincy Market Adventure

I woke up this morning and I noticed the sun was out, and I checked the time on my phone and it was only 5 AM. I could of sworn it was way later than that but it wasn't so I went back to sleep.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
It was 7 AM and it was time to wake up. With some fright of disturbing anyone, I made sure to wake up Lynda and Aimee. Then we all started getting ready before we had to meet at 8 AM in the lobby. 

Walking to get breakfast.
All of the cohort met at the lobby and made our way to Starbucks. Boston is a big city and after minutes of walking in what seemed like circles, we gave up and decided to try Dunkin Donuts for the first time. It was nearby the hotel and it provided breakfast, and really good drinks. I definately recommend anyone to try it. 

Every building looks so vintage.

Vanilla Latte and a Breakfast Sandwich.

Then we headed back to the hotel and headed straight to Wellesley College. We had a few direction difficulties since this was our first time making our way to a location we had obviously never been to before, but after twist and turns we got to our destination quite too early but it is better earlier than late. The girls, Ms. Cruzat, and I explored the Wellesley campus before our informational session and tour. We also took pictures of course. After a couple hours of exploring we became really tired and thirsty, so we went to the campus center and ordered some refreshing drinks to cool down. Then around 12:30 PM we made our way back to Weaver House, the admission office where our informational session would take place and our tour would start.

So thankful for selfie sticks.

Our informational session was directed by three current students at Wellesley; Maria was an uprising senior, and Marly and Clellie were uprising juniors. These ladies covered everything from financial aid, the application process, the variety of courses to personal experiences of their freshman year transition and personal great experiences with professors. The tour was the extra given information and visual presentation of Wellesley's dorms, dining halls, the lake, the chapel, sports, and organizations. After the tour we had the opportunity to talk to Maria, Vanessa, and Clellie where we also asked our last questions about college. Honestly they opened my perspective on a all woman's college and I might be considering it to be a college option for me. The curriculum opportunities offered at Wellesley are just great and overall the campus was really nice and peaceful.

Weaver House
Unitarian Chapel
Th lake at Wellesley.

More insight with Clellie and Maria.
After the tour we decided to head to Quincy Market, and on our way there we passed through the Federal District and the Boston Harbor. Besides all the tall buildings in the surrounding areas, Quincy Market is very similar to San Francisco, but it is not by the Bay. All of the buildings hold so many history behind them, Boston is basically is known as the New England, and it is so true.

We ate diner there and went shopping for souvenirs since we are leaving to Providence tomorrow in the morning. I purchased a few shirts and magnets to take back to my family. We also did a few personal shopping the it got late so we headed back to the hotel.

Clam Chowda! from Boston.
Main entrance to Quincy Market.
Me and my full bag.
Inside the market.
Buildings, buildings, and more buildings.

So far I like it here, and I can't wait to go off to Rhode Island next. The East Coast has treated me great so far and the buildings amuse my so much. Even the way people dress is unique and intriguing. The vibe here in the East is way different than in the West. My love for the Bay Area will never change, but I wouldn't mind spending four years here. I have noticed that this trip has really opened my eyes to try new things and being comfortable enough to step out the comfort zone.

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