Thursday, June 23, 2016

Falling for Wellesley and Shopping at Quincy

If it hadn't been for Ivy League Connection, I would not be this excited to begin applying to college. The information session and tour at Wellesley College was the first immersive experience I have ever
Wellesley's Admissions Office
had with higher education. I was absolutely amazed with how beautiful the campus was: the architecture of the buildings was stunning and the presence of nature was very strong. Visiting there made me realize that I prefer tranquility and a connection to the earth as opposed to the bustle of urban life. 

The information session and tour were extremely helpful. Although I had already done some prior
Komal, Aimee, and I sitting by the fireplace in Wellesley's library.
research on Wellesley and meandered around
campus with the girls, I was provided with information that almost entirely won me over. The financial aid this university provides is incredible compared to most of the others. On average, Wellesley student loans amount to 15,000 while the national average stands at a whopping 50,000. 

After the formalities were over, we stayed for a while to talk to tour guides Marley, Clellie, and Maria. We covered a range of topics that included sports, seasons, and the environmental difference between coed and all-women classes. When we finally parted to find some dinner, all of us agreed that this trip had change our conceptions of all-women colleges and that we were seriously considering applying to Wellesley.

With this new enthusiasm towards college, I spent the car ride back to the city daydreaming about my potential future at Wellesley College. The prospect of food quickly broke my stupor, however. None of us had lunch while we were on the university's campus, so our stomachs were screaming to be filled. We decided upon a dinner at Quincy Market, a historical marketplace in downtown Boston.
This is the Unitarian chapel of Wellesley. The photo can't even begin to elude to the true beauty of this place.
After eating our delicious meals, we wandered around the market and shopped. Although this activity was not necessarily as pertinent to our trip as visiting Wellesley, I felt as though both offered me ample time to bond with the rest of the group. I truly am enjoying myself on this journey to Brown, and I couldn't be anticipating what's left to come any greater than this. 

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