Monday, June 6, 2016

A Little Bit of East Coast Logistics

At last, plans are being finalized. 

The chaperones speaking to the parents (our new Brown chaperone is the one
at the far left)!
Today, I attended an Ivy League Connection orientation in which every cohort was given departure dates and a draft of their itinerary. My group will be flying on United Airlines to Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday June 22nd. On the 23rd, my cohort will be taken on a site visit and tour of Wellesley University. June 24th will be the day where we are finally shown the Brown campus, our temporary home for the following two weeks. 

At the orientation, the chaperones also kindly gave speeches assuring the parents that all would be well, and that they themselves were excited to embark on this adventure with us. It was interesting to hear about how this program would also impacted them: of course, most of the focus is centered around the students, so remembering that there are other individuals preparing to experience something out of the norm was refreshing.

Today wasn't exceptionally fast-paced and eventful, but I still appreciated its importance. Parents were informed about the loaner items and students were able to get their medical IDs and passports scanned. As I mentioned before, everyone was given a working draft of their respective itinerary, which at the very least provides an idea of when one should begin packing.

Tomorrow, my cohort and I will be having dinner with our new chaperone. I am looking forward to all the good food and good people, and I'm counting down the days until I'll be flying to Boston.
The Brown cohort members and company waiting for the orientation to begin.

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