Friday, June 24, 2016

From Bay State to Ocean State

The first thing we did this morning was load the car with our luggage and head to the South Bay Amtrak station to catch the 8:21 AM train to Providence, Rhode Island. We dropped off our rental car, grabbed some Dunkin Donuts, and headed down the escalator to catch the train. We ended up on the library train and the ride was very peaceful and very fast. We soon arrived at the Providence station where we headed outside and caught a taxi. We had to take two cars to fit all our luggage, Krystal, Lynda, and I rode in the same car with our very funny driver, Rotimi. We had a nice chat with Romiti about why we were in Providence and then were dropped off at our hotel.

The hotel lobby was really nice, some of my cohort said it reminded them of The Great Gatsby with a large stair case being the first thing you see when you walk in. Check in wasn't until 4 PM so we just dropped off our bags and headed out to explore Providence. We ended up at Brown University and snapped some quick pictures. We then headed over to Thayer street where we picked up some Chipotle. We also made a quick stop at CVS to pick up a few things that we needed for the rest of our trip.

After CVS we visited the Brown Sciences Library where we sat and waited for 2 PM, which was the time of our information session for Brown. Finally, at 2 we headed over to the Campus Center where our information session was led by two brown students, David and Aiden. They covered many topics that constantly made me more interested in attending Brown. Their open curriculum and great student body are what attracted me most to the school. I really appreciate Brown's great pride in allowing and conforming classes and curriculum to fit the students' needs and interests. A Brown admission officer also spoke about the admissions process and what to remember when applying to Brown and other colleges. This was very helpful as it reminded me that most of what colleges look at is who you are and whether you're the right fit for the school. Honesty is very important on college applications as you don't want to  be accepted or rejected from a school because you didn't portray your true self.

Finally, it was time for our tours, Lynda, Komal, Aimee and I all went on a tour with a rising Brown senior, Max. He gave a really great tour which helped me to become even more eager than I was to take a Brown course and experience the dorm life. He gave a lot of interesting facts about the history of Brown and some Brown superstitions. He reiterated a lot that was explained in the information session as well responded to any  of the group's unanswered questions. After the tour Max gave a really sincere answer as to why he chose to attend Brown. I know now that when I'm deciding which college I would like to attend, I must not only think about the many great days I will have during school, but also to think about who I want by my side on the bad days that I am guaranteed to have. I'm really glad Max said this, it's definitely something I won't forget. We then snapped a picture with Max, met up with the rest of the cohort, and headed back to the hotel.

We finally got into our hotel rooms which were really spacious and comfy and got to relax a bit before we headed back out to eat at Luxe Burger. I created my own burger with chili fries and a milk shake on the side. Dinner was delicious and at the end we sang Happy Birthday to Aimee since her birthday is this coming Sunday. Overall, it was a really fun, inspiring, and informational day. We all ended the night in our hotel rooms relaxing and blogging.
Lynda and I did some face masks as
we blogged tonight.

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