Thursday, June 23, 2016

Coffee Dates and the Market Place

Today we started our day early, I woke up at 7 AM and met up with my cohort a little after 8. We then strolled through Boston searching for Starbucks, Google Maps had us a bit confused and we ended up getting Dunkin Donuts I ordered an ice coffee which was perfect for the warm weather and to keep me energized throughout the day. After breakfast we headed back to the hotel for a little and then began our adventure to Wellesley College.

After a very rough and confusing drive to Wellesley we finally made it a couple hours early. This was actually really nice because we got to explore the campus on our own and take a few pictures. We mostly walked outside through the campus, we also took a peek into the library and the multi faith church that Wellesley has on campus. This was my favorite part of the day as  it was pretty unstructured and the girls and I got to bond a bit more.

We then headed to the Admissions Office where we were to meet for the information session land our tour of Wellesley. Our information session was led by Maria, a Wellesley rising senior. The session definitely felt more personable than I originally imagined, all the students sat around the table and got to hear and ask questions about everything Wellesley offers. Our session topics ranged from the hesitation about Wellesley being an all women college to topics like the information on financial aid.  Maria did a great job of covering all the really important information. In the end, I felt that any questions or concerns I had about Wellesley were addressed, and I actually am very interested in this school.

ILC and Wellesley
After the information session we broke into groups for the campus tours. My tour guide's name was Clellie, a Wellesley rising junior, she was really nice and seemed to sincerely love her school. I definitely can see myself coming to Wellesley in the future. After the tour the Brown cohort had a discussion with a few Wellesley students and that was really the best part of the tour because the group was much smaller and we got more than one opinion on all of our questions.

We snapped a few pictures with the Wellesley students and then headed back to Boston to visit the Faneuil Market. The Faneuil Market was really nice, as soon as we walked in the food court part of the Market all we could see is a long strip of small restaurants that all sounded amazing. We had a pretty hard time choosing what we wanted to eat. In the end I ended up with clam chowder in a bread bowl. It tasted great. We then headed outside and grabbed some Boston souvenirs for ourselves and to bring back to our families at home. We did some more shopping and then headed back to our hotel to blog and get a good nights rest, tomorrow our day starts early for our trip to Providence.

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